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Bubibinman (ブビビンマン, Bubibinman; FUNimation "Bubibinman", Viz "Bubibinman"; Literally meaning "Buzzingman") is a superhero from Planet Okakaume.


Bubibinman is a Fly-like humanoid.


Early life

Bubibinman as a child on Planet Okakaume.

Bubibinman went to pre-school on Planet Okakaume with Suppa Man. Bubibinman was one of the kids who teased Suppa Man for being a coward.

Dr. Slump

Bubibinman came to Penguin Village intending to replace Suppa Man as its protector. When he appeared on Planet Earth, he was hit by Arale Norimaki with a barrel. He challenged Arale to weightlifting and sumo wrestling and was horrified at the fact that, what he thought was, a Human child was stronger than him. Later on, when he found out about Human poop, he tasted it and seemed to like it.

Dragon Ball

Son Goku asked Bubibinman if he had seen General Blue, but he shook his head.

Voice actors

  • Japanese dub: Mugihito (Dr. Slump Arale-chan)

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